Review & Swatches of the ColourPop 9-Pan Shadow Palettes (Part 1)

One brand I love mainly has they have excellent products on a drugstore budget is ColourPop, granted they release a lot of products. While I do not have everything they have ever released nor will ever have everything, the mass majority of my makeup is from ColourPop. And I haven’t done a few of their eyeshadow palettes in quite some time. Practically on their 9-pan palettes that are almost all monochromatic. So I thought I would share my thoughts and a brief overview of each of those palettes since I have most of them.

Each of these palettes includes nine shadows and a mirror that takes up the entire top lid. They cost $12 and each pan contains 1 g or 0.04 oz of product. The formula of the pressed powder metallic & matte shades are incredible like almost all of the ColourPop palettes that they have released so far that I’ve tried. Plus the packaging is sturdy yet sleek so they are great to take with you where ever you need to travel to. Even the lightest shades in the palette are pigmented and the blend like an absolute dream. Also if you did want to take out any of the shadows for any reason, they are magnetic so they pop in and out easily. This has helped saved some of the shadows in the past when I dropped the palettes (as I’m a klutz so I drop palettes and makeup often).

I have used all of these palettes, but I didn’t take pictures of the looks I created using them. Or I didn’t save them as I had no intention of writing a review of them at the time. If I have photos where I know I used only that palette, I’ll include the photos of those looks.

Sol Palette

This is the coral toned palette that was released last summer that’s a great palette for any warm tone lover as it’s full of orange, pink, and copper shades. The shades are as followed:

  • New Digs: matte pastel peach
  • Anthem: metallic bright pinky copper
  • Dynamite: matte burnt orange
  • Hotel: metallic vivid copper
  • Motel: satin hot pinky coral
  • B+B: metallic pinky gold
  • Floaties: bright metallic orange
  • OOO: hot orange coral
  • Unwind: matte rich terracotta

Mar Palette

At the same time the Sol palette was released, they also introduced the Mar palette. This palette is your teal and bronze palette that reminds me a lot of the Kylie Jenner Blue Honey palette. The shades are as followed:

  • El Rey: metallic soft peach with gold pearl
  • Wild One: metallic rich orange copper
  • Detour: matte cobalt
  • Boozy:metallic orange with gold pearl
  • Gridlock: bright teal with silver & teal glitter
  • Sorbet: matte peachy soft brown
  • Hwy: satin sea foam green with a gold sheen
  • Top Down: matte dark chocolate
  • My Way: metallic true vibrant bronze

Ooh La La! Palette

This one was released on the anniversary of Means Girls coming out which just so happened to be on a Wednesday. While it is not a Mean Girls palette, it is completely pink like the Burn Book. Sometimes these shadows do stain the lids. The shades are as followed:

  • Tickled: soft opalescent pink with violet, pink, & blue glitter flip
  • Soft Core: matte warm pink
  • Poodle: matte vibrant true pink
  • Big Sugar: bright bubblegum pink with a silver sheen
  • Opulent: bright fuchsia with a blue sheen
  • Sandbar: matte neon pink
  • Trove: matte raspberry
  • Caddy: vibrant deep violet
  • Moon Struck: metallic peachy gold

It’s My Pleasure Palette

Shortly after the release of the Ooh La La! palette, ColourPop released it’s sister palette called It’s My Pleasure. That’s your rich jewel tones with a purple hue. The shades are as followed:

  • Kittenfish: matte cool lavender
  • Do or dough: metallic bright lavender with blue duo chrome flip
  • Pretty cruel: matte berry mauve with gold flecks
  • Bare minimum: metallic berry violet
  • Earthshine: metallic pinky lavender with a blue duochrome flip
  • Chick lit: metallic deep amethyst
  • Mr. Sandman: icy rose with a silver sheen
  • Fan fiction: matte dusty pink
  • Sleeper: matte eggplant

Brown Sugar Palette

This is a collaboration palette with Karrueche and is all your neutral shades for any go-to look. The shades in this palette are:

  • Chai: matte soft yellow beige
  • Jamocha: matte mid-tone yellow brown
  • Amber: matte muted rust orange
  • Ginger: metallic golden peach
  • Auburn: metallic warm bronze
  • Sauté: metallic icy brown with a green and gold duochrome sheen
  • Sorrel: matte deep cool brown
  • Henna: matte charcoal brown
  • Choc: matte reddish brown

Just My Luck Palette

For Saint Patrick’s day, ColourPop released the Just My Luck palette which is your monochromatic green palette. The shades in this palette are:

  • Chances Are…: matte fresh mint
  • Kiss My Hass: matte spearmint
  • 50-50: metallic mossy green
  • Big Banks: metallic jade
  • Mary Jane: metallic chartreuse
  • Olive U: metallic olive green
  • Act Natural: matte emerald 
  • Mo Bamba: matte forest green
  • Charmed: matte khaki oilve

Proceed With Caution Palette

This is a collaboration palette with Shayla that’s similar to the Brown Sugar palette in that it leans on the more neutral side but includes a black, vibrant orange and yellow shade to make it slightly more unique. The shades included in this palette are:

  • Proceed: matte pale banana
  • Maintenance: matte chestnut brown
  • Dead End: metallic yellow gold with silver flecks
  • Warning: metallic tangerine with a gold flip
  • HZRD: metallic deep bronze with golden flecks
  • Caution: matte golden yellow
  • Drill: metallic true copper
  • Culture: matte soft brown
  • Gloves On: matte black with copper flecks

Main Squeeze Palette

While the Mar palette is your more coral to orange shades, the Main Squeeze palette is your red monochromatic palette. Which makes my eyes look insanely green rather than hazel. Sometimes these shadows do stain the lids. The shades in this palette are:

  • Frosè: Matte coral red 
  • Juicy Fruit: Metallic coral with a gold flip
  • Home Slice: Metallic strawberry red
  • Like It’s Hot: Matte true red
  • Maraschino: Metallic red with a gold flip
  • Big Gulp: Matte burnt coral red
  • Seed Money: Matte red brown
  • Bay Watch: Metallic red bronze 
  • Red Bottoms: Matte red plum

Blue Moon Palette

I was actually surprised to find I didn’t have any true blue palettes in my collection or any shades similar to these ones from the Blue Moon palette. Plus I love astrology, so there was no way I was passing up on this palette. The shades included in this palette are:

  • Lumi: metallic iridescent icy blue
  • Da Ba Dee: matte lapis blue
  • Moonlite: matte baby blue
  • Starry Eyed: matte sky blue
  • Billie Jean: metallic periwinkle
  • Tide Pool: metallic cerulean
  • Mad About U: metallic sapphire
  • Fine China: matte vibrant cobalt blue
  • Clued In: matte navy

Uh-Huh Honey Palette

Everyone wanted ColourPop to release a yellow monotone palette when they started doing the color series in the 9-pan palettes. So I was extremely excited when this palette was released and got it right away. I am a little shocked there is a pressed glitter shade called Palooza that’s not actually eye safe due to the size of the glitter. A lot of these shades do read very similar to one another so there isn’t a lot of variety of looks that can be made. But I still really enjoy this palette from ColourPop. The shades included in this palette are:

  • Stinger: matte buttery yellow
  • Sunburst: metallic lemon yellow with blue glitter
  • Sweet Spot: matte primary yellow
  • Dandy: metallic vibrant yellow gold
  • Palooza: bright yellow with a copper duochrome shift
  • Queen B: metallic dandelion
  • Totally Buggin’: matte butterscotch yellow
  • Oh Beehave: matte mustard
  • Buzz Kill: matte yellow brown

Orange You Glad?

The all orange monotone palette from ColourPop with another pressed glitter shade in the center that’s not safe for the eye area. I was initially against getting this palette as there is already the Sol palette. But decided to get it as the shades are more Sunny-D than just warm toned neutrals as the Sol palette is. The shades included in this palette are:

  • Zested: matte pale apricot
  • Squeeze Me: metallic yellow orange with gold flip
  • Creamsicle: matte peachy orange
  • Rise N Grind: matte vivid orange
  • Clementine: orange glitter with a copper flip
  • Sunkiss’d: matte neon tangerine
  • Tangerine Dreams: metallic mid tone red orange
  • Mimosa Mami: matte bright red orange
  • Ya Peel Me?: matte mid tone rust


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. Kay
    September 20, 2019 / 3:05 AM

    I really hate that they are making pressed glitters in their palettes now. It’s frustrating as hell. If I wanted glitter for my face I would buy glitter. Adding a cream/ wet product into a normal palette just annoys the hell out of me. And how long til it dries out?

    • Mae Polzine
      September 20, 2019 / 6:28 AM

      Totally agree about the glitter. Especially since it’s not eye safe. As for adding the super shock shadows to the palettes, I have no idea yet how long it takes to dry out. Their normal ones come in an air sealed container for a reason.
      ♥ Mae

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