Review of Kaleidos Makeup Flower Punk Collection

It’s been ages since I did a makeup review, but I haven’t really had a reason to. I’ve been very good about using the makeup I have rather than getting anything new. But the Kaleidos Makeup Flower Punk collection caught my eye, so I got almost everything. Well, almost all of it. I got the lip clay sets and eyeshadow palettes. As I don’t really need lip masks, temporary tattoos, and coloring book.

Cloud Lab Lip Clay Full Set – Flora Noir and Sand Castle

The kits individually cost $35; however, together they cost $62. The formula is thin, so if you want full pigmentation then you’ll have to do several layers. It is really comfortable with very minimal transfer.

The Flora Noir is the grunge kit with the four following shades:

  • Cactus Flower (DE01): A vibrant and fruity neon fuchsia.
  • Mahogany (DE02):  a warm-toned deep woody brown.
  • Agave (DE03):  a fierce and intense dark teal green.
  • Dahlia (DE04):  A cool carnal maroon red.

The Sand Castle is the earthy, natural kit with the four following shades:

  • Adobe (NU01): A dusty cool-toned pinky peach. 
  • Dune (NU02): A cool-toned berry dusty rose.
  • Terra (NU03): A warm-toned burnt terracotta orange.
  • Sienna (NU04): A warm-toned toasted chestnut brown.
Left to Right: Cactus Flower, Agave, Mahogany, Dahlia, Adobe, Dune, Terra, and Sienna

Flower Punk Palette

I love Kaleidos eyeshadow palettes. They are very pigmented, blend effortlessly, and are long-lasting. I have several of their palettes. So, I knew this one was going to be amazing. This palette includes 9 shades. Unlike their previous palettes, this one has a magnetic lid that can be opened by either sliding the top up, pushing either side up, twisting the top off, or sliding the top over. There is a mirror on the backside of the lid. It has a net weight of 8g or 0.28 oz, and costs $36.

The shades of the Flower Punk palette are:

  • Mint Fever: A potent elixir of matte aquamarine and mint.
  • Aloe Cove: A tranquil turquoise sparkling duochrome with a lime gold shift.
  • Stained Glass: a translucent fuchsia shimmer with rose and violet sparkles.
  • Nouveau: A warm, dusty berry brown matte.
  • Peach Soju: A muted pink matte with a shot of peach. 
  • Chlorophyll: A leafy chartreuse golden green matte with a sunny glow.
  • Golden Age: a deep mustard yellow matte with hint of olive.
  • Sun Gazer: a brilliant golden metallic with a subtle green glare.
  • Earthship: A cool, muddy forest green matte.
Left to Right: Earthship, Sun Gazer, Golden Age, Chlorophyll, Peach Soju, Nouveau, Stained Glass, Aloe Cove, and Mint Fever

What is one of your favorite palettes at the moment?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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