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Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3


For Christmas, I got Luigi’s Mansion 3 which I have been playing a fair amount of though I have not finished the game. Though I have played enough where I know the mechanics and have seen a playthrough on YouTube to know the rest of the story. Not that I’m going to spoil the game if you wanted to play it yourself. All I’m saying is, I know how it goes so I’m comfortable enough with giving my review of the game at this time.

Plot Overview

Luigi and friends (Mario, Peach, and the Toads) are invited to a hotel where things are not as it seems. They treated like VIPs, each receiving their own bedrooms. On the first night, it turns out to all have been a trap by King Boo who was released from his prison when Professor E. Gadd was summoned previously to the hotel by Hellen Gravely. King Boo as revenge for the events of the previous games, traps everyone into paintings but Luigi with Polterpup manage to get away. So, you have to go around as Luigi to rescue your friends from their painting prisons, collect ghosts, and gather elevator buttons to go to various floors of the hotel.

Once you’ve found E. Gadd (part of the tutorial phase of Luigi’s Mansion 3) you will get that little backstory of what is happening. At that point, you are free to go anywhere you want though you’ll get more abilities as you go along. This being access in his pop up lab in the basement of the hotel where you first found the Poltergust model G-00 in E. Gadd’s car. You’ll also have access to the store where items can be obtained.


Every floor has it’s own theme and atmosphere along with a boss ghost at the end that will have the button to the next level of the hotel. Until you have that button unlocked, you will not be able to access that floor in the hotel. The hotel’s main lobby and basement are the only floors to have a staircase between them that circumvents the need for the elevator.

In addition, to unlocking floors in the hotel there are treasures hidden throughout that can be found from various objects and solving puzzles. Each floor has a collection of special gems that can be found. Another thing that can be done is capturing Boos by using the vibrations in the goo of the Poltergust. And every ghost you collect will be cataloged in the lab with E. Gadd, so you can always go back to look at them. There is one boss ghost that you do not have to collect, but I would recommend leaving him be until he finishes his task for a surprise. Then you can either collect him, or let him go on his way. He’s not going to initialize a fight with Luigi.

Poltergust Model G-00

The Poltergust is your main tool and weapon of the game. It comes with many features including:

  • Darklight: Reveals hidden items and animate certain portraits.
  • Stun: Makes catching ghosts easier.
  • Area Burst: Help keep multiple enemies back.
  • Suction cup: Help move big objects out of the way.
  • Slam Attack: Allows the player to slam ghosts they are capturing into the ground, both for greater damage as well as a weapon to hit other ghosts around them.
  • Gooigi: An animated goo clone of Luigi that can be used to complete various tasks including going through gaps in vents and grills, walk across spiked floors or arrow traps, and assist with puzzles. You can switch control between the two to accomplish tasks as sometimes you need a second hand for some puzzles. However, Gooigi will dissolve if he comes into contact with fire or water.


I really enjoy Luigi’s Mansion 3, I have not played the previous games in this series but I do find the concept fun since Luigi has a very different personality to Mario. The mechanics took a minute to get used, but are fairly easy to use. Though there aren’t a lot of upgrades, they find creative and unique ways to make use of them in each of the floors of the hotel without making it feel super repetitive. And make use of Gooigi in different ways throughout the game, so it never feels like “Oh I got this upgrade, I know what the boss fight will be.” If anything, when you get something new which you get almost everything to begin with you can go back to previous areas and solve puzzles you weren’t able to do the first time around. And if you revisit floors, they populate it with new ghosts so it never feels like you’re running around with nothing going on. There’s always something to do and something to discover. Which I appreciated.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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