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ROMWE Clothing Haul


Recently I went through and emptied out half of my wardrobe (with a little shopping in mind) as I head on the road towards minimalist lifestyle. So when I went shopping on ROMWE after seeing a bunch of ads pop up on my computer for it, I got a few items that would be items perfect for mixing and matching with my existing clothing that if I were to do this… would be perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Which I’m really tempted to do.

ROMWE is like any online retailer, don’t expect things to come out exactly as you imagine it and will not be the top of the line quality. Plus don’t expect the items anytime soon. It took around a month and a half for these items to arrive at my house. Which was fine with me since I knew it was going to take a while for them to arrive. And I liked that the items were in my price range as a lot of the items are “80%” off. Noting that it’s basically always on sale and includes every item. So it’s not really a sale.

Overall, I really love what I got from ROMWE and would probably purchase more clothing from them in the future. Those for skirts I would probably get something a bit longer as the skirt I got it rather short.

What’s your favorite article of clothing that’s very versatile and goes well with other clothes/styles?

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