Runescape: Beginner’s Guide

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I have played Runescape on and off since I was about 11 or 12 which was a year or two after it’s release in 2001. Now I haven’t played on the same account since then mainly because I can’t remember what I originally set it up as, but the current account I use I’ve had since college and was a premium member for some time before returning back to a free player as I don’t have as much time to justify paying for the membership. Though I would seriously get it again and maybe will some day. I can’t really advance or do quests at the moment since I’ve completed all the free stuff, but it’s still fun just to hop up every now and then just to see what’s changed. Since there’s not much I can do anymore in the game and it was one of my favorites, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a little Beginner’s Guide of Runescape.

  • Learn the maps both mini and world map, so you aren’t wandering around forever. Here is a quick guide to the dots on the map:
    • Yellow dots = NPCs (Non-Player Characters) or Monsters
    • Red dots = Items on the ground
    • White dots = Players.
    • White square = You.
    • Green dots = Friends.
    • Orange dots = Clan members.
    • Blue dots = Someone wearing the same team cape.
    • Purple dots = Chat member.
  • The path system is very helpful if you’re trying to figure out what to do next for either questing, combat, and non-combat skills.
  • Daily challenges are another great way to start leveling up and learning Runescape.
  • There are no classes in Runescape, but more different times of play styles. Those that focuses on everything, non-combat skills, or PvP.
  • Bury every bone you find, those prayer points will save your life some day.
  • The combat training in Lumbridge is a great way to quickly raise your combat level.
  • Sell your stuff either to stores, other players, or at the Grand Exchange.
  • Know your speciality shop, selling certain items at these shops may vary the price.
  • Also along that line, check prices so you don’t get ripped off.
  • Beware of the wilderness. It is PvP and if you die, you will lose everything. So don’t take anything you aren’t prepared to lose.
  • When you die, you can choose up to 3 items to carry upon respawn. All other items will be dropped and anyone can take. Except in the wilderness, you lose everything.
  • Use your bank at all times. It’s a good idea to leave the majority of everything in the bank including gold.
  • Magic can be expensive to start with, but with runecrafting it should be ok.

Have any other beginner’s tips for Runescape that I missed, let us know in the comments?

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