Adding a Touch of Rustic/Bistro Home Decor

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So with my mom moving and our townhouse in the awkward switch from being “college students” decor to “adult” decor, we have a lot of areas that just are unfinished or blank. My mom gave me one of her bamboo plants that just has no spot to go in her new place as well as some artwork that matches the retro/rustic feel I want to have in a house. So of course, also being broke there was no way I was saying no to either of these items.

When our ex-roommate left, Rose and I had no artwork or really any furniture. There were two hangers on the wall that I ended up just placing two pieces of artwork I got from work, but they just didn’t fit the space. And we’ve had it like that for months. It was always something we would come back to. So the three pieces of artwork my mom gave me were perfect. They were these rustic tiles and one of them had a mirror. Thus the artwork I had previously came down and the new pieces went up. And the artwork from before moved into the kitchen, where I rearranged everything so we had a little bistro area on the kitchen counter. Since the artwork I had before were two coffee shop related pieces. And we have a Keurig and a little thing to put our little k-cups. So this makes me really happy since it looks like the area has purpose now instead of just a space we threw things.

As for the pieces I got from my mom, here they are in our dining room… granted I’m not going to show the table as it’s kind of a mess at the moment. And we only have three chairs as somehow my aunt went she gave it to me after learning I had no furniture didn’t have a fourth chair that matched. But I have a plan for that, it’s just for a later date… depending on where we move to next since we are moving come May since this townhouse is a bit much for the two of us. However, in the meantime, that doesn’t mean I can’t make our place look more like a home rather than a place we crash and store our stuff.

What type/style of home decor do you love?

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