September 2016 Goals

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Last month I decided I was going to cut back the goals to only having four in attempts to have them be accomplished. So before we go over this month’s goals, we need to examine last month’s.

August’s Goals

  • Get my hair cut so there are layers again and dyed so it’s one constant color. Or balayage with extensions so they all match. But hair cut is a must. Still have not had my hair cut, and most likely will not have this done anytime soon. I’m just going to try to trim the ends myself to get rid of split ends and have my hair grow out.
  • Create a new logo for blog. Still working on the design, haven’t designed any that I’ve been happy with.
  • Have breakfast every morning. I say I got a solid 65% this month for achieving this.
  • Finish Dragon Age Origins (it’s been over two months since last video and I literally only have the finale left to play) for my gaming channel and start a Sims 4: Dine Out series. I finally finished Dragon Age: Origins. And started several game series including: Sims 4 Dine Out, Dragon Age 2, and Stardew Valley.

September’s Goals:

  • Get my Queen bed and set it up in my room.
  • Create a new logo for blog.
  • Actually film/create all the looks for the Goddess Collection in September and not have it carry into October.
  • Prepare all lunches at home rather than buying from fast food joints downtown or having convenience meals that you heat up in the microwave that are always somehow soggy.
  • Do yoga or some other type of workout two-three times a week.

What are your goals for this month? Did you accomplish your goals last month? If so, what did you do to reward yourself?


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