September Monthly Goals

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As I stated last Saturday, I’m taking the entire month off of being on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). So a lot of my goals are related to things I really need to get done that don’t involve anything online. And basically what I want to do with my time off.

August Goals Revisited

  • Reach 350 Instagram followers. I haven’t even hit 300 Instagram followers yet.
  • Keep Up With the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge. I have been missing a lot of days due to projects at work. I’m still going to hit that 100 days they are just going to be more spread out and of course it’s on pause for this month.
  • Rearrange office/clean out old paperwork stored in random places around the house. Done! I moved my office area back into my bedroom and have been loving the setup a lot more. Granted there’s like no space in my room anymore.
  • Get my oil changed. Taken care of! Also had to fix several lights on my car.
  • Donate all my old clothing. Done, I’m so much happier with my wardrobe now.
  • Start working out 30 minutes every day. I haven’t had the time for this.
  • Get more house plants for around the townhouse. Done we now have three plants and I love them as they make everything seem more alive/homey. But I have a feeling I’m going to end up killing them in the end.
  • Go to the Minnesota State Fair. I did manage to go and I had a blast.
  • Get the 2016 Microsoft CRM material and study my butt off. Didn’t have the time to study and didn’t have money for the materials.
  • Make myself a dentist and doctor appointment. I have not done this yet.

September Goals

  • Make myself a dentist and doctor appointment.
  • Start working out 30 minutes every day.
  • Start apartment hunting for move out at the end of April.
  • Stay offline for the entire month.
  • Update my furniture with some new handles to make them a little more updated.
  • Not spend any money on non-essential things.
  • Go to EmoNight LA in Minneapolis.

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