Several Things I Don’t Actually Want to See in The Sims 4

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EA has been granted us with a lot of content through DLCs and even some free updates. Though some of the updates were things that should’ve been in the game to begin with including pools and toddlers. And they’ve been talking about adding pre-teens, which is new and would give more of a transition between children and teenagers. But let’s be honest is it really needed? So today I’m going to be diving into more items that I just don’t want to see come to The Sims 4. And some of these I know others in the Sims community desperately want added. With each topic I mention, I’ll state what I would like in it’s place.

1. Cars

The world isn’t open and yes it might take a while for Sims to walk to the edge of the small section of world to travel but considering you can’t just walk from one section to the next, the need for cars just isn’t there. Plus most of those sections aren’t on major roads to get from one place to another. More just a small walking path. However, in those small sections considering they are already rendered I would like to be able to travel between them without reloading the playable area. Like going to a neighbor’s house. It’s already there let me just go inside without re-loading the world I’m already in.

2. Pre-Teens

As I already mentioned it’s been hinted at that this might come to the game in the future. Honestly it’s not needed. What would be better is just a better way of handling age like using the phases from Parenthood. So they have embarrassment towards the gender of their sexual preference (also something missing in the game) or for elders the desire to tell everyone about their life. Elders really have nothing to do, it’s rather sad and when they get to this life stage I would rather just kill them off as there’s nothing to do with them other than send them to the bathroom every two minutes.

3. Create-a-Style

Ah this feature from good old Sims 3. How I thought I longed for it when the game was first released. In truth, it was chunky and annoying for anything other than the option in hair to choose any color you wanted. Which brings me to the thing I would actual want, more hair color options. It’s gotten to a point where I only use custom content (CC) for hair as creators just have better options for hair. And I’m not just talking about Alpha CC (though I prefer it to Maxis Match). This also goes with skin tones, they did increase this but I wish they went further with it. I would love sliders that went for options like porcelain to deep dark and then another from cool to warm undertones. That would be incredible!

What do you not want to see in the current version of Sims? And conversely, what do you want to see?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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