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Several Things I Would Love to See in The Sims 4


Last week I shared the three main things I wouldn’t want to see in the sims as well as my suggestions to things I would love to see in their place. So I thought today since I’ve been playing a lot of Sims in my freetime to de-stress after work, I would share all of things not mentioned in that post that I would love to have come to The Sims 4 since who knows when The Sims 5 is coming or what that will include.

  1. Better Schools. Yes, in Sims 4 Parenthood we got at home school projects which I do appreciate. But I would love other options like The Sims 3 had including boarding schools where they learned specific skills and university. Or students had backpacks, school events, and more after school programs. As much as I love scouting from seasons and drama club from Get Famous I think there could be so many amazing options including: sports, dancing, art and more.
  2. Spiral stairs. As much as I love large grand staircases there are a lot of cases where I just want a small spiral staircase. They were included in the previous versions of Sims and allowed for more interesting builds.
  3. Split levels. If you’ve seen my livestream gameplay you’ll know that I recreated my own townhouse but there is one major thing missing in the sims. Split levels like you enter halfway in-between levels then go up or down. Also within a level you can’t go up half a floor to a different section of a room. The closest you can get is deleting the floor on the ground level to create a sunken section. So seeing split levels come back into the game somehow would be amazing!

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Mae Polzine

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