Shadowhunters: My Favorite #Clace (Jace Herondale & Clary Fairchild) Moments

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I’m still having a bit of a writer’s block moment and went back to re-reading all of The Mortal Instruments books and rewatching Freeform’s Shadowhunters so I thought I would share some of my favorite scenes of Jace and Clary (Clace) from the show. All clips are from the Shadowhunters Offical YouTube Channel. These are in order of their appearance in the show.

Jace & Clary’s First Kiss

While their first kiss in the show didn’t happen the same as it does in the books, I still really loved this scene. In the books it’s on her birthday in the greenhouse after he gives her a birthday gift and they’ve rescued Simon from the vampires. Their first kiss in the show happens after they get the Mortal Cup and the two get separated. Clary kills a demon that looks like Jace only to come back to the Institute where Jace says she’s the only thing that matters, before they talk briefly before exchanging their first kiss.

Clace Trains

This scene happens after they learn they aren’t actually siblings and are showing up their angelic powers to Inquisitor Herondale. Granted Clary is having problems with creating runes as she has yet to process the fact that Jace isn’t her brother. Still you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Seelie Court Kiss

I love how the show handled this scene, they make it occur after Clary and Jace learn they aren’t related. And Clary is still with Simon, so it makes Clary finally admit she still loves Jace. Granted they don’t get together after this for quite a while. Still I loved it. In the books, this scene happens right after they learn they are “siblings” and Clary is with Simon. Either way it ends Clary and Simon’s relationship.

Jace and Clary Track Jonathan

It’s an innocent enough scene between the two that shows their connection towards each other, and in the show they are not together at the time of this. As they had yet to get back together after learning they were not related. In the books, they went start back together as they never really parted, but in the show they did.

Clary Brings Jace Back

I can’t not include this moment. As Jace and Clary have only just gotten back together and then he dies. In the books, they just learned they weren’t siblings and were still madly in love with each other. And you can still see that in this scene when she begs the angel to bring Jace back to life after Valentine killed him. Plus he immediately asks if she’s ok, even though he literally just died. #BoyfriendOfTheYear

Jace Shares His Feelings

Jace in the show is far less cocky and sarcastic than he is in the books, and this scene is a prime example of that. I mean it’s still there to come extent but show Jace more of a supportive boyfriend. Granted he is in the books as well when he’s not being possessed or thinking that he’s related to Clary (which is almost the entire series).

Their First Time

I watched the show before I read the books, so I didn’t know that their first time in the books was in an cave’s pool. Which I’m a little sad never happened, but this scene was still great. Plus we got one of my favorite lines that Jace says to Clary, granted in the books he says it when they still think they are related.

Ice Skating Date

Maybe I’m just a sucker for ice skating dates, I thought this scene was just so cute considering he was surprising her with a fun day out. Granted Jonathan ended up ruining it afterwards by pretending to be Jace. Plus it’s fun watching Jace fail at something.

Night Club

Let’s just stay the night club is a steamy exchange between the two. Granted they are both high and Clary is basically possessed by Jonathan. In the books, Jace is the one that’s possessed. While it’s not the same as the books as Clary learns Jace was just a spy, it’s still great. The books was Jace and Clary basically having sex on the dance floor while he was possessed. The show doesn’t go that far but it has similar elements and lines.

Clary Says Goodbye

Even though Clary is saying goodbye to the love of her life before her memories are wiped by the angel. Granted Jace has no idea what’s happening. I still find this scene super heartwarming and yet heartbreaking as they share their feelings for one another.

Happy Ending?

The show didn’t end at the wedding with everyone happy. Clary lost all of her memories, and Jace watches her to make sure she’s ok afterwards even though she’s not supposed to be able to see him. And at one of her gallery visits she does, and there’s a parallel of them re-meeting with the same lines. So it’s kind of sweet and leaves it up in the air. I like to think that her memories will come back considering she remembers his name while they are talking.


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