Shadowhunters: My Favorite #Malec (Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood) Moments

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As it is pride month, and I’m still on my Shadowhunters bend as I just picked up the sequels to The Mortal Instruments. I thought I would share some of my favorite scenes of Alec and Magnus (Malec) from Freeform’s Shadowhunters. All clips are from the Shadowhunters Offical YouTube Channel. These are in order of their appearance in the show.

Their First Kiss

Not many couples start out their relationship by interrupting the other individual’s wedding but that’s exactly what happened with Magnus and Alec. Though they had flirted previously, Alec was very guarded adjusted his feelings towards Magnus and even proposed to Lydia for his family’s honor. But when Magnus crashes the wedding (invited by his sister, Izzy), all bets are off and he leaves to kiss Magnus for the first time calling off the wedding with Lydia.

I Love You

The first time at least that we see Alec say “I love you” to Magnus is after dozens of Downworlders are massacred at the Institute by Valentine. Alec freaks out learning that Magnus was in the building at the time but is relieved when he finds out Magnus made it out. And he finally tells Magnus that he loves him.

Discussing Fears & First Time

Granted these two scenes are literally happening while Magnus is debating on turning his back on Alec to join forces with the Seelie Queen to stop Valentine, I still find still love them. I was going to separate it out but they go together since they are happen relatively back to back.

Malec Get Back Together

These two go through emotional rollercoaster it seems like at the end of every season only to get back together in the end. The first time they get back together is after Magnus left to side with the Seelie Queen, and after Valentine almost wishes for the Downworld to cease to be they get back together admitting they can’t be apart or stop thinking about the other.


Ok maybe it’s just Alec being insanely adorable with Madzie but I seriously love the three of them when they are together. I wonder if there had been a fourth season we would’ve seen the couple adopting Madzie. ‘Cause honestly I would have loved that as they would make such cute/sweet parents together.

Flirty Training Scene

I love the training scenes from this show, and this one from Malec is no exception. Magnus is name dropping and flirting every other move. And Alec cannot resist his man.

Lock of Love

Granted this scene literally happens after they break up as a deal Alec made to get Magnus his magic back, I find it so cute that Alec was insanely excited to surprise Magnus in the past with putting up a lock to show their eternal love.

The Proposal

Once Magnus finally realizes what Alec did for him and they are free of Asmodeus (thank you Maryse!) they end up proposing to each other in Alicante before Magnus leaves for Edom to save the world from the rift Jonathan opened up.


I have to say these two who were “Emotions are nothing but a distraction” (Alec) and “Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter” (Magnus) have come a long way sacrificing everything for each other. Magnus sacrificing his magic to make Alec whole again by saving Jace, and Alec breaking up with Magnus to get him his magic back so Magnus could be whole. Then Magnus goes to Edom and Alec literally stops at nothing to make sure he gets to be reunited with Magnus. Not only to protect him from Lilith but so they can get married.

They Get Married

And last but not least, THEY GET MARRIED!!! It was so sweet, I loved it. Granted my Clace/Clary heart was in the middle of dying at the moment. I had to go back to wake that to truly experience it happily. And could wake it several more times at that smiling like an idiot or like Jace when he learned Alec was going to purpose to Magnus. You had Madzie as the flower girl, Maryse who hated Magnus the first time he interrupted Alec’s wedding was walking him down the aisle like a proud mama, and plus the scenery is just gorgeous. It was perfect!

There are littler moments that I loved between these two. From their dates to just small conversations, but rather than putting in literally just every scene of these two together I went with all of the bigger moments that I loved. In the books, I honestly didn’t get as attached to these two. Like I loved their characters but it just didn’t have this depth. Maybe in the Bane Chronicles where you get more of their relationship, but I haven’t read those. Anyways, Malec is probably my second favorite couple of the show (though almost tied for first) and I’m glad they got a happily ever after.


Credit: Freeform

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