Small Changes I’m Trying To Do in 2019

Maybe it’s the approaching Spring season, but I felt like changing up some things in my life. Sometimes in the past if I put it out into the universe it made me more motivated to actually do those things. While other times it had the complete opposite effect. Not sure which will be the true statement at the moment, but we shall find out within the next month or so if I stick to it. So what are these relatively small changes that I’m making?

Try the Curly Girl Method

I used to have wavy hair, then around four months ago it more or less died. From a combination of getting the majority of my hair cut off and switching to a silicone based shampoo/conditioner. Not that I fault those as being bad due to this, but I’ve been seeing in many places online the “Curly Girl Method.” I tried it one day and used a creme which produced insane curls. Then I did it again without the creme and my hair was a poof. I have no idea where the creme which but I know it was silicone, so I’m going to be trying out some new products and see how it goes. I’ve heard it improves overtime so I’m going to be trying it out how at least the next month then do a dedicated post for it. Well see what happens and maybe I’ll just keep doing it the rest of the year.

Take Care of my Skin

I have never been great at skin care. I honestly didn’t see the big deal about it. Other than blackhead covered nose or just very dark toned pores on my nose that never goes away, my skin isn’t that bad save for the monthly cycle time. But since turning twenty-five, I think the youth skin is over. I’m starting to actually notice fine lines on my forehead and I have a weird bump next to one of my eyes that won’t go away. I’ll have that checked out at some point along with some moles that appear to have grown over the years that I’ve ignored. But other than those, I’m going to make skin care something I focus on. I do need to get some products to test out, but looks like Makeup Revolution released a whole skincare line so I might test that out first since it’s not too expensive and I need to adhere to the low buy as much as possible.

Go Back to Sugar Free Pop

I have a bad pop or soda addiction. I was really good for months on not drinking any that had sugar. I’ve even cut back from two or three 20 oz. bottles of soda a day, and now I have one. So I mean that’s an improvement, but I went back to sugar pops like Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. And since switching back all the weight I lost is back. Which I guess also comes with the fact you can’t really take the dogs for a walk with all of the snow we have gotten in Minnesota (the snow is up to my hips and there aren’t walking paths anymore near me). So it’s back to Coke Zero Sugar for me, much to my sometimes hatred as I freaking love Dr. Pepper. Coke Zero Sugar is good when it’s cold but if it warms up to room temperature it’s hard to stomach, in my opinion. And I’m not going to put it in the staff fridge every few hours to keep it cold.

Regain a Sleep Schedule

I don’t know if it’s just the return of my Bipolar Disorder (I mean it was always there, it’s just gotten more noticeable) or the binge watching of TV Shows on Netflix. But I don’t sleep anymore, or I have a bloody difficult time getting myself to go to bed. I need to be awake at 6:30 AM to get up and ready for work. And at night, I’m finding myself more often than not up until 1 AM with my mind racing on a million different things. So I need to get better at that and figure out how to get myself to bed by 11:30 PM at the latest.

Are you trying to make any changes this year? If so, what are they?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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