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Some Things I’ve Learned Since Getting a Dog


I’ve had Pixie, a leggy/bug eyed pup now since 2013, which is 6 years. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since she has entered my life. I’ve had a dog my entire time, before Pixie we had a family dog named Sadie. But she wasn’t my dog, she was the family dog. Pixie on the other hand is my responsibility. There’s also Winnie, but she’s the family dog so as much as I love her, she doesn’t really count. After she entered our lives in 2015, Pixie became my sole responsibility and there was a lot I was unprepared for even though I already had her in my life for a little over a year at that point. So I thought I would just share those things with you guys on the blog after I saw a very similar post on From Roses.

Every Dog Is Different

The three dogs I’ve had in my life have all been incredibly different from each other. Sadie, who was a German Shepard mix, was the most chill dog in the world. Content on just cuddling with her blanket in the shade, she gave the best hugs and would freely let you use her as a pillow. Pixie is a hell-raiser. She is filled with energy getting the zoomies multiple times a day and goes through a phase every other week to month. From refusing to eat in the morning to suddenly deciding toys cannot be brought up the stairs with her then cry they were left behind by her. And then there’s Winnie, the rescue, she is a door stopper like Sadie until you take her for a walk. No amount of training has helped with her, she’s just terrified of all dogs. We don’t doubt she was attacked in the past as her face is covered in scars, so walks are the opposite of relaxing and more like an intense game of chess trying to figure out where to disappear to the second a dog appears on the horizon.

Dogs Cost A Lot of Money

This is something I didn’t think of when I first got Pixie. I mean other than dog food, initial collar and harness, and maybe a few toys I didn’t think of the other expenses. Things like pet insurance (which I love having since it helps me save on vet appointments, shots, heart warmers, and dental cleanings), training courses, and other expenses that come up. Like sudden emergency trips to the vet after they eat a rat or suddenly come down with an rare disease called Hemorrhagic Gastroentertis (HGE) that almost kills them. And those things aren’t covered by insurance.

Paying Attention to Food Allergies

Pixie has a food allergy towards rice, which is something I’ve never dealt with before. In either my own life or another animals. So we have to be very mindful regarding her diet from every day food to treats. And her stomach is sensitive towards almost everything not might for dogs, so we have to make sure the rules about no food for dogs is strictly upheld. Something we never did with previous dogs, not that we gave them just anything we were eating but if grandpa slipped the dog some food we didn’t freak out. With Pixie, she can’t have any people food or we have a mess to deal with in the future.

Every Dog Has Their Quirk

I’ve already mentioned that Pixie goes through weird phases, but she also has a lot of anxiety towards rain and loud noises. The only thing that helps her during these time periods is literally just ignoring her. Winnie will come up to you when she wants to play, to eat food, go for a walk, or go to bed and hits you with her paw before spinning in a circle. It’s hilarious. And over time more quirks just seem to come out of no where.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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