Stardew Valley: Corporations vs. Local Businesses

Stardew Valley is a farming game where you can obviously farm, but also go fishing, get married and have a family, mine, and make friends with the locals. But one aspect of the game is also how you handle upgrades/maintenance in the town, you can either help the spirits by completing recipes or purchasing them from a corporation. So you ultimately have to pick between local business of the town or choosing to screw them over by supporting Jojo Mart. And though I haven’t reached the point in my own gameplay of choosing a side (though I could), I thought it would be fun to go over the pros and cons of both.

Jojo Mart/Corporation


  • Town projects are easier to complete as you only need money.
  • You only need to purchase a membership with Jojo Mart.


  • Community center is turned into a warehouse.
  • Less rewards as you no longer get to work on bundles.
  • Local businesses go out of business.

Community Center/Local Businesses


  • Completing bundles gives you rewards.
  • Community Center is restored.
  • City traditions are kept.


  • More challenging to complete projects around the town.

Which would you choose?