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Stardew Valley: Crops That Bring in the Most Money


I have been playing A LOT of Stardew Valley recently. Not only playing it but watching other people stream the game. And at this point in my games, I’m just working on turning profits. The community center is complete in both of my game saves. I have a farm over on Ginger Island (still working through unlocking everything there) and in one of my saves I have Skull Cavern 100 Level challenge complete. So… profit! Profit means crops, but there are a lot of crop options in the game both at Pierre’s and the Desert Oasis. Not only that but they change by the season. These are your best options when it comes to crops to make the most money.

With all of these, this is just the base level of crop. Not silver or gold level, those will sell for more. Also if you have tiller profession (+10% for crops) or artisan profession (+40% for wine and ale) these will increase sell price.

Spring Crops

Summer Crops

Fall Crops


Finally this one (Ancient Fruit) can be planted in any season, but would recommend leaving for Greenhouse. Mostly as then they never die and are very rare to obtain. There’s only a 1.26% chance of it appearing at the Traveling Carts on Fridays and Sundays. Recommend once you harvest the first one, to reproduce it with the seed maker to get more. They cost 100 gold and sell for 550 gold. If turned into wine then the base price is 1650 gold without the artisan profession. If you have Artisan Profession and age the Ancient Fruit wine to Iridium Quality it’s 4,620 gold. You can only make it into jelly for 1,610 gold. It takes 28 days to grow and produces additional fruit every 7 days.

So, I recommend filling the Greenhouse with Ancient Fruit. You’ll only have to check on it once a week to collect fruit especially if you use sprinklers to do all the watering. Then just turn it into wine.

Also, once you unlock Ginger Island you can have grow any of these crops year-round. Make use of the ones that produce multiple harvests over there as they will never stop producing crop. Another good idea for Greenhouse and Ginger Island farm is to use them for any foods. A lot of the mentioned crops are useful to many of those recipes. My favorites are Glazed Yams, Super Meal (boost with energy and speed), Pepper Poppers (speed boost), Spicy Eel (luck and speed boost), and Eggplant Parmesan (mining and defense boost). There are other great foods too, but these are the ones I normally go with.

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