Stardew Valley: Essential Tips

When I first started playing Stardew Valley, there were a lot of things that I did out of order or incorrectly. That ultimately left me frustrating and not wanting to continue playing that game save anymore. But overtime, I’ve gotten the hang of it and found a few things that really helped make the game better/easier. I’m still by no means an expert on the game, but it’s made the game a lot better in my opinion.

So these are those items that have really helped make the game better:

  • Activate “Always Show Tool Hit Location”
  • Watch TV every morning as it can help you determine what you’re doing for the following day
  • Look out for worms as these give you items to turn into the museum and get you rewards.
  • Go to bed, you have to be in bed by 2 AM or you will be charged for being dragged home.
  • Fix the bridge to the tide pools early.
  • Make sure to bring food into the mines. This will give you both energy and health allowing you to stay in the mines longer.
  • Plan ahead for Community Center bundles.
  • Crab pots are totally worth it as they have a massive return for your investment of level 3 fishing, three iron bars, and 1500 gold to buy. Plus it never breaks or run out as long as you keep them baited.
  • Upgrade your watering can strategically as it takes days for an upgrade to complete. Upgrade when you know it’s going to rain the following day so once it’s done you don’t miss a day of watering.
  • Build a silo before a coop.

If you play Stardew Valley, what are your tips?

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