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Stock Photos: How to Create Your Own


During my first year of blogging daily, I used stock photos for a good handful of blog posts that were in the lifestyle or blogging category. It was helpful for saving time and the stress of trying to figure out how to create a photo for that type of post. But at this point, on my second year I want to stop using ones created by others and create one of my own. And some of these will be available in the shop section, if there is one that you think I should create for in there just let me know and I can create a pack. I feel like stock photos are a great option for bloggers as they can be flexible for the blog posts you are creating. These are the general tips that I use when creating stock photos. The ones I’m using as examples however are not my own. Credit is below each image.

Credit: CreativeConvex Credit: CreativeConvex Credit: CreativeConvex Credit: CreativeConvex

Choose Simple Subjects

The best stock photos are simple and have very few subjects, this helps them stay versatile. When setting up photos, just try to keep a balance between interesting and busy. They also need to be eye-catching without being so busy that you have a hard time focusing on what the photo actually is.

Try Different Angles

This can be a tip for photography in general. Try different angles when you are taking your photographs. From shooting above a flat lay or shooting at the same level for some really cool depth-of-field shoots. Get creative and play around with every idea you can think of. Different subjects require different angles. So practice to figure that out what works best.

Shoot a Variety of Subjects

You’re not going to be able to create a lot of stock photos unless you play around with a lot of subjects. Try things like beauty products, notebooks, jewelry, flowers, blogging supplies, and other everyday supplies. Or just other little trinkets you have sitting around the house.

Leave Empty Space

This is going to be useful if you’re going to add text to your shot later like a title or quote. This also helps with the composition of your photos so they are not overly busy. Figuring out the best composition takes practice and becomes easier over time. So don’t worry if they don’t look perfect right away.

Focus on Your Blog’s Style

Everyone has their own style, a lot of people when creating stock photos makes them very vague or bland. But you can add your own little touch to them so they are infused with your creativity. So make them however you want to match your personal style. As these are meant for your use.

Do you create your own stock images for your blog? If so, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?

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