Studio Apartment Designs That Can Maximize Your Use Of A Small Space

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In a few months, I’m going to be moving into an apartment of my own and the more I’ve been debating on it the move I’ve come to the conclusion to move into downtown Minneapolis. Or somewhere extremely nearby there so my commute to and from work is shorter. Due to this the price of apartments goes up like crazy meaning I’m switching my mindset from a one bedroom apartment to a studio apartment. Though I might get lucky and find a one bedroom apartment that fits into my budget.

With this in mind, there are several things that I have to keep in mind including how to maximize space in a small studio apartment. As I do like having some separation from different areas in the home while at the same time not feeling like I’m living in a tiny space. I don’t like having no space, I’ve dealt with it already for six months where I can’t move in my own room. So I don’t want that but I do want to make the most of the space to live comfortably.  This means using some design hacks to make the apartment appear larger than it really is.

Simple Ways to Maximize Space

  1. Use curtains to divide the space.
  2. Push couch against bed to make it appear like separate spaces.
  3. Trunk can serve as storage and a coffee table.
  4. Skip the dining table and make a bar area instead.
  5. Put shelves over your doorways for additional storage space.
  6. Your bedside table can also be your desk.
  7. Or put your entire bedroom in the closet.
  8. Use room dividers that double as extra storage.

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