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In this new series, we’re going to be exploring different styles up close and personal from what defines the style to how you’ll see it around the town and incorporate that into your own wardrobe. To start off with, we’re going to take a look at the casual style which has become rather popular as of late especially with capsule wardrobes. So what is the causal style?

When you hear ‘casual’ your mind might wander to ‘frumpy’ or ‘weekends only’. But the casual style is anything but those things. From around the town to comfy clothes, the causal style is that perfect balance between elegance and comfort. Common items in this wardrobe include plain colored t-shirts, striped t-shirt dresses, flannel, vests, cardigans and jeans. It’s really just anything but the exotic and bold items from the sleeves like your paisleys or animal print.

Some ways of wearing this style are a simple white tee with a pair of blank pants and purse. Or if you wanted to dress up the look just a little bit without losing that causal feel, you could add a blazer to bring the outfit together without feeling over dressy. This also can be done if you want to make your causal style work better with your business casual work environment. This just makes your look modern and uncluttered, similar to that of the minimalism movement.

This is probably the style I wear the most mixed with a little bit of a rocker or grunge touch to it. But when I’m scrolling on Pinterest, this is definitely the looks that pull me in. What style do you navigate towards? Or how do you incorporate the casual style into your wardrobe?

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Mae Polzine

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