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In the next installment of the Style on Focus series, we turn our glazes towards the rocker style. This is the style I wish my closet was mainly filled of but don’t since it’s not “business casual” enough for my work environment so I try to add a few items here and there of the style into my casual style so it can pass for work. But what is the rocker style?

A huge proportion of the style is made of vintage t-shirts, ripped jeans, studded boots, corset top, flannel shirts, canvas shoes, distressed denim jacket, and leather jackets. This style is always changing based off the wearers taste in music at the time. Most outfits are hardly baggy these days as they were back in the 1990s. And a lot of clothes are often DIY’d to look more beat up as if they were found in a thrift shop.

One of my favorite influencers that often wears this style is Luanna Perez-Garreaud of Le-Happy. You will probably notice over on Pinterest I re-pin a lot of her outfit’s of the day on my fashion board. All images featured in this post belong to Luanna.

What style do you navigate towards? Or how do you incorporate the boho style into your wardrobe?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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