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Style on Focus: Sophisticated


Next style to discuss is that of the sophisticated style. This is the style for anyone who prefers everything to be the best quality possible. And if it needs a little extra attention to detail that makes it even better. They often look for styles that make a statement on the quality, polished manner and culture. Most of them are the ones who are from higher status and are also in a way related to how a businesswoman would dress up. Sophisticated can be characterized as businesswoman minus the formal look. Culture and luxury mean the most to the people who choose this style of fashion.

I work in downtown Minneapolis so this is the style I’m probably the most exposed to, though I don’t typically wear this style I do really love the look and feel of it. And whenever I have to have a formal meeting with a client, I will pull out outfits of this style since I find them to be more professional in nature. But just because they are professional, doesn’t by any means mean they are bland or boring. Instead they are classic and remind me of powerful business women who are doing their own thing and making a name for themselves.

How to Make Your Style More Sophisticated

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What style do you navigate towards? Or how do you add a more sophisticated/professional touch to your wardrobe?

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