Subnautica Below Zero: Assembling Al-An (Architect) a new Vessel

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Subnautica Below Zero, while in Early Access as of February 2020, centers around the Architect (previously called the Precursor) — he names himself Al-an after the designation Alien — that had uploaded their mind to a sanctuary prior to the death of organic life on Planet 4546B. His storage module fails and gets uploaded into Robin Goodall’s mind (your character). So, one of the primary goals is finding and assembling a new vessel to transfer Al-An to.

There are three main caches that you need to go to in order to find the blueprints for this new vessel:

  1. Crystal Caves Cache (550 -762 -551): Location of Architect Organs.
  2. Arctic Spires Cache (-1890 24 -110): Location of Architect Skeletal Structure.
  3. Deep Lilypads Cave Cache (541 -619 -1099): Location of Architect Component.

Once you’ve collected these blueprints, they can be assembled in the Fabricator Base (1204 -950 -310). The materials that you need are as followed:

  • Architect Tissues: 1 plasteel ingot, 1 benzene, and 1 polyaniline.
  • Architect Skeleton: 1 plasteel ingot, 1 benzene, and 1 polyaniline.
  • Architect Organs: 1 ion cube, 1 plasteel ingot, 1 benezene, and 1 polyaniline.

As the game is in early access all of this is subject to change during the final release of the game as far as materials needed, but most likely not the rest since it is fully animated with a cinematic cut-scene at this point. I feel like they might change the ingredients considering it’s three identical recipes for three different things with only one variation, but I could be wrong.

Once you construct the three parts, you just have to transfer Al-An into the new vessel and then he’s an NPC in the world that you can interact with. Robin will still be able to communicate with Al-An at distances mentally, though it’s going to be messages that come across rather than something the player can control.

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