Subnautica: Below Zero Overview & First Impression

The follow up game to Subnautica takes place after the events of the first game. It’s currently in early access and the game/story is still a work in progress. So there are quite a few bugs, issues, and missing features. But you can still get a good feel for the game and I’ve played through what is considered stable by the developers. So I thought I would just share a brief overview of the game as well as my first impressions on it.

Brief Overview

You play as Robin Goodall, who is a xeno-linguist for Alterra Corporation on planet 4546B. Who is trying to understand the aliens’ culture and technology. She is stranded following a storm that wipes out her station in an avalanche and is separated from Jo Jeffreys who vanished shortly before the start of the game. You receive some orders from your sister Sam Goodall who is in an orbital station above the planet called The Vesper. Throughout your exploration of the open ocean you’ll need to collect supplies and research the Precursor (Almanac) artifacts to unlock supply drops from the Vesper. As you explore, you’ll come across a Sanctuary that houses an Almanac conscious which when interacted causes the alient to download themselves into Robin’s brain. At this point, Robin’s biometrics are giving weird readings to the Vesper and they request a biosample to be sent to them. To avoid being arrested, the Almanac who calls themselves Al-An tampers with the readings so they appear normal before they are sent to Alterra. Once it has been sent up, Sam will inform you that you’ll be stuck on the planet for a while and sends down a habitat builder.

Everything after this point is not finished content. So I won’t mention any of the other things added that I’ve discovered while going around the playable area.

Thoughts So Far

I really enjoy that instead of a DLC or expansion pack, they made Below Zero a separate game with new areas to explore and new creatures to discover. Plus I like how they are expanding on the Precursors or Almanacs as they now appear to be called. I really enjoyed Subnautica and have continued playing that game long after completing the story as I just love that world. It’s relaxing (if you don’t take into consideration all of the fuana that want to kill you). So a new story in the same world but in a different section is so interesting, also considering the Sea Emperor juvenilles make a reappearance. No idea how they got across the void or how far this section of the world is from the previous one, but I find that to be so interesting. Considering there is a void outside of the crash zone with gigantic Ghost Levithans that attack anything on sight. So how they traveled that far is a mystery along with another character who appears from the first game that I once thought was dead. Though that’s in the unfinished section of the game so they might not end up in the final product of the game. But if they do, just how?! How are they still alive as the virus wasn’t dealt with yet until our character in the original Subnautica cured the planet. I’m very curious about that, but we’ll just have to wait and see where the story goes. I’m really excited about it.

I might do some more posts here and there on it, but probably not too many until the game is fully released. Which I have no idea when that’s going to be. Or how long the game will be in total as this might just be like a DLC that’s separate for those who don’t want to go through the first game (though I highly recommend it), or a true sequel that’s going to be as long as the first game. Granted there are survival aspects so gameplay lengths may vary especially if you use cheats.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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