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Subnautica: Below Zero – Sea Truck


Subnautica: Below Zero just did a new update for the game called the Sea Truck Update. Which as the title suggests brings you the new underwater vehicle of the sea truck. Which is as far as I’m aware the replacement of the Seamoth in Below Zero. However, using cheats you can still get all of the vehicles of the first game in Below Zero. One thing I really enjoy about the sea truck is the ability to custom it with the use of modules.

Like the previous vehicles in Subnautica it can be upgraded to have different depths but starts out at 275m. As far as I’m aware there is no limit to the number of modules the sea truck can support but there are a total of six modules not including the base module. Since the Sea Truck can support multiple modules it can become a mobile seabase or a quick submersible if you deattach the other modules. Similar to the Seamoth, Prawn Suit, and Submarine of Subnautica it has it’s own oxygen supply and functions off of power cells. Which can be docked in a moonpool to recharge, and upon docking all modules are automatically detached.

Only the Sea Truck Cabin which is the main base module can become damaged through crush depth, hostile fauna, or colliding with the terrain. If the main cabin’s health reaches zero it will explode but leave the other modules unaffected, they will just become unpowered and sit until you can retrieve them at a later time. Sea Truck modules have individual health meters, and are currently invulnerable to damage while they are connected to the cabin. Damage can be repaired with the Repair Tool. The vehicle can be entered from a hatch located on top of the Sea Truck Cabin, or through an airlock at the rear if any modules are attached.

Also you cannot build inside of the sea truck using the Habitat Builder, which is a bit of a disadvantage compared to the submarine. And modules must be individually picked up by backing into them, which can be a tedious and slow process. Also these modules will decrease the overall speed of the cabin.

What are the additional modules?

  1. Aquarium Module: Has two aquariums that captures nearby fish, which can be extremely useful to gather a supply of food and water.
  2. Prawn Suit Docking Module: Allows for a Prawn Suit to be docked at the end of the Sea Truck.
  3. Fabricator Module: Has a Fabricator that can be used for regular use or to make Sea Truck Upgrades.
  4. Sleeper Module: Contains a bed and jukebox. Cannot be found in the game organically but can be spawned with cheats as of March 2019.
  5. Storage Module: Has five storage lockers each with below 9 slots (each locker varies with amount).
  6. Teleportation Module: As of March 2019 this cannot be found organically in the game, but can be spawned in. And I freaking love this module as it gives you a teleportation tools that allows the player to teleport back to the module at any time. So if you are running out of oxygen and are too far to swim back to the sea truck the tool sends you straight to oxygen. I don’t know if it will be across the world teleportation in final release but I think this module is the best.

What are the upgrades?

  • Afterburner: Short speed boost.
  • Energy Efficiency: Use less energy.
  • Horse Power: Increases speed when hauling additional modules.
  • Depth Modules: MK1 increases to 425m, MK2 increases to 575m, and MK3 increases to 975m.

There are two others listed in the wiki but they are not present in the game today nor function so I cannot say what they do at this time so I will not be including them in the list. When they are added to the game I will update this post.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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