Subnautica Below Zero: Where Are Each Biome Located?

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Similar to the previous game, Subnautica Below Zero has numerous biomes that are very easy to get turned around in or locate. Mainly due to the fact it’s extremely easy to get lost. Or they are layered in such a way that you might miss something all together. So, to make it a little easier on you and myself since I like to go back and reference these, here is where all of the biomes are located in Sector Zero.

As a note the location of each of these biomes is shared by their coordinates, which you will need the debug menu (F1) to find each location specifically. Though I’m not going to mention all the points of interests as I still think there is some fun in the discovery. So this is more a list to help stop some of that frustration of getting to the general area.

Credit: Gameplay

A good interactive version of this map can be found at Since some of the biomes intertwine so they may be in several coordinates.

If other things are added to the game, I will come back to update this listing as of February 2020 the game is still in early access.

Above Water Biomes

  • Arctic Spires: -1615 -29 -502, above sea level
  • Frozen River: -276 15 283, above sea level
  • Glacial Basin: -1496 18 -1003, above sea level
  • Ice Sheet: -687 -4 -108 above sea level
  • Rocket Island: -249 42 -778, above sea level

Underwater Biomes

  • Arctic: 551 -100 -497, 0-480 meters
  • Arctic Kelp Forest: -583 -33 34, 20-150 meters
  • Lilypad Islands: 157 -155 -983, 0-340 meters
  • Purple Vents: 230 -100 -629, 0-160 meters
  • Shallow Twisty Bridges: -452 -20 -66, 0-40 meters
  • Sparse Arctic: -576 -20 -46, 0-140 meters
  • Thermal Spires: -233 -20 -484, 0-280 meters
  • Tree Spires: -155 -70 -830, 70-460 meters
  • Twisty Bridges: -142 -55 -163, 50-240 meters

Underwater Caves

  • Active Mining Site: -388 -91 -820, 90-300 meters
  • Arctic Kelp Caves: -532 -80 -89, 40-140 meters
  • Crystal Caves: -64 -320 -983, 320-720 meters
  • Deep Lilypads Caves: 499 -500 -1070, 320-630 meters
  • Deep Purple Vents: 292 -160 -390, 160-480 meters
  • Deep Twisty Bridges: -419 -308 -360, 250-380 meters
  • Fabricator Caverns: 1204 -950 -310, 630-950 meters
  • Glacial Connection: -1014 -100 -769, 0-230 meters
  • Twisty Bridges Caves: -551 -199 -488, 170-200 meters

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