Subnautica: Breaking Down the Leviathan Class

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One of my favorite creatures to come across in Subnautica are the leviathans. Yes, they freak me out and their sounds make me duck when I have my headphones in. But they have some of the most interesting design, plus how are they all related? What makes them all leviathans? This isn’t mentioned directly in the game but is hinted at through the data files if you can manage to scan them… generally done in creative mode ’cause otherwise you risk death and destruction.

I do not have every leviathan listed above as Subnautica data banks have anything that is a large creature ranked in this class. This includes: sea traders and reefbacks, according to the logs though they really don’t look genetically similar to the ghost leviathan, reaper leviathan, sea emperor leviathan, or sea dragon leviathan. Who all actually have the class in their name. Which is why we’re going to focus on them.

Size of Leviathans:

  • Reaper Leviathan: 55m
  • Ghost Leviathan: 107m
  • Sea Dragon Leviathan: 112m
  • Sea Emperor Leviathan: 160-180m

Comparing the Features

The leviathans look evolutionary similar but clearly at some point separated into two groups. The Sea Emperor Leviathan with the Sea Dragon Leviathan, and the Reaper Leviathan and the Ghost Leviathan in the other. So what are the differences between the two groups?

The Sea Emperor/Dragon group are both colossal in size with armored body and with seven tentacles that are bioluminescent. They also are different shades of green. Each also have four glowing eyes and forelimbs. The Sea Emperor has two striped antennae and large mandibles on each side of its mouth, also its forelimbs are paddle-like. The Sea Dragon on the other and has more purple accents and webbed forelimbs and more bioluminescent markings around its body. The dragon’s head is a lot more reptilian and has a larger mouth with large teeth, a snout, and a horn with an orange tip. There is also a large sail or webs on the creature’s back. The Sea Dragon is also aggressive while a Sea Emperor is passive.

Going onto the next group there is the Ghost and Reaper Leviathan. This group has less things in common compared to the Sea Dragon/Emperor. The Ghost and Reaper Leviathan both have a long and slim body that tapers to a point. Each have protruding structures coming around of their head, the Ghost Leviathan is similar to a hammerhead shark while the Reaper Leviathan have two mandibles on each side of its face. Color wise they are very different. The Ghost Leviathan is bioluminescent with orange and blue glowing parts. While the Reaper Leviathan is red/maroon accents with a bluish-white skin. The Reaper Leviathan has four eyes while the Ghost Leviathan has six.



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