Subnautica: My Base by the Precursor Gun

Recently I managed to get my computer to be able to actual play Subnautica instead of just watching YouTubers play it. So I decided to create my main base on a ledge just next to the Precursor Gun where almost everything happens in the game currently. From the actual gun you have to deactivate to the lava zone where the cure to Carar virus is basically located. And I wanted to share that base with you guys. It’s not complete but the game isn’t even fully launched yet so I’ll probably have more bases in the future.

This is the view when you’re coming to the base from the Precursor Gun immediately when you jump into the water. Right underneath the base is a huge drop off that leads to the lava zones. And then the view when you come out of the water facing the gun. It’s a nice short walk over to the gun but right now there isn’t actually any reason to deactivate it yet since your rescue ride was destroyed.

My base is comprised of two moon pools, where one holds my seamoth and the other has my prawn suit. Then there are three towers decided to power and water manufacturing. Then I have a material lockers, battery characters, and general survival items room which is also the main entrance to the base coming from the gun. And lastly there’s a dorm and cafeteria tower. Because you know, we might be the only ones alive but hell if we’re going to act like it.

If you play this game, where did you keep your main base?

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