Subnautica: What Happened to the Other Passengers of the Aurora?

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You play the game of Subnautica as the character of Ryley Robinson the Non-Essential Maintenance Chief Officer, who is the sole survivor of the Aurora. But what happened to the rest of the passengers and staff? As there’s no way only one individual managed to make it through that event.

Subnautica Aurora LifePods

Based off of the data logs found around the map this is what can be gathered about the rest of the Aurora crew:

  • Chief Technical Officer Yu ended up in a lifepod with Berkeley. Their lifepod ended up flooding after their lifepod sank to 500 meters down, they were able to make it to the surface. Or at least CTO Yu was, but Berkeley was never to be heard of again.
  • Medical Officer Danby appears to have contracted the kharaa bacterium and potentially was killed by a warper or some type of creature. Though it could’ve also been from the sand sharks in the area.
  • Lifepod 3 crew had one seaglide and attempted escape with it together, most likely to meet their fate at the hands of the stalkers that are around their lifepod.
  • Emissary Jochi Khasar’s lifepod blew up upon entry to the planet.
  • Ozzy the cafeteria worker in lifepod 17 most likely died from the sand sharks that swarm his lifepod.
  • Lifepod 7 most likely died from hunger since they had a fried fabricator.
  • Second Officer Keen evacuated his lifepod and made it to the rendezvous point with Chief Technical Officer Yu. But the two decided to return to the Aurora and met their end at the hands of a Reaper Leviathan. If they had stayed on the island, there was a potential chance you would have met up but this did not occur as T+8 hours from the crash the only survivor was Ryley Robinson.
  • Lifepod 1 died due to one of the passengers lighting flares inside of the lifepod causing a fuel line to explode.
  • Lifepod 4 died due to a Reaper Leviathan on their way to making it back to the Aurora.

All others died on entry to the planet or never made it off of the Aurora prior to its crash. If they managed to live through the crash, they were eaten by the cave crawlers or Reaper Leviathan. Or they blew up with the nuclear reactor.

Subnautica Aurora Survivors

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