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Subnautica: Where Are the Cuddlefish?

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There are a total of four cuddlefish that can be found around the world. But cannot be found swimming around the world except after hatched then released from the alien containment unit. It takes a grand total of 20 minutes for them to hatch once the egg is placed in the alien containment unit. And they are so cute!!!! So if you have this game and what to have one yourself, here are all of the locations you can find these little cuties.

Subnautica CuddleFish.jpg

Data Entry

A small, gray-colored herbivore, the cuddlefish displays high levels of intelligence, curiosity and attachment. Strangely this species has not been encountered in the wild, and the scanned specimen had to be artificially hatched within an alien containment unit.

  1. Lifecycle:In the absence of wild specimens little can be known for certain about the cuddlefish’s lifecycle. It is possible that environmental conditions have changed, forcing the species to the edge of extinction, and leaving its eggs in permanent stasis. It is also possible the cuddelfish has been genetically altered, or even imported to 4546B from another world.
  2. Behavior:We do know that the cuddlefish is a herbivore which displays highly social behavior in its interspecies interactions. As was observed in earth dolphins before their extinction, this creature seems to understand the concept of other minds, the prime indicator of true sentience, and attempts to communicate with a series of chirps and chirrups.
  3. Interaction:Evidence suggests the cuddlefish is capable of understanding and following simple commands, in addition to assessing the emotional state of individuals around it and responding in kind.

Subnautica Cuddle Fish.jpg

Locations of Cuddlefish Eggs

  • Lost River Laboratory
  • Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base
  • Dunes Sinkhole
  • Northeastern Mushroom Forest Caves

If you would like more exact locations, check out my video over on my gaming channel where I searched for the specific areas for you as well as showed the farewell sequence you can have with each of your Cuddlefish before leaving on the Neptune One Rocket.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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