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Super Heroes & Villains Quiz Results


So I thought it would be a lot of fun to take a few comic book related quizzes on which superhero or villain I would be in Marvel and DC universes. I thought it was interesting as on the superhero front as I belonged in the DC realm while on the super villain side I was in the Marvel universe. And I don’t know how I feel about that. I honestly thought it would turn out the other way around. As I love Marvel heroes but DC villains.

Super Heroes

DC and Marvel

Which Superhero are you? BuzzFeed Quiz

So the first quiz I did was from BuzzFeed. And like all BuzzFeed quizzes, the questions were almost completely not related to superheroes in any way, shape, or form. Such as the question about which type of French Fry do you prefer or how you would handle a hangover. Anyways… the superhero that I got was Superman. Which gave me the description of: “You were the type of cool kid in high school who invited everyone to sit at their lunch table or come to their party because the idea of shunning people just because they were different than you made absolutely no sense. You’re a natural leader, and you stick to your guns, with the hopes that if you do the right thing, other people will follow.”

Which DC Superhero are you? Playbuzz Quiz

Next, I decided to try one from Playbuzz that was specific to the DC realm. Which was way more actually related to comic books. However, they did ask a question that was related to Marvel Universe. So a bit off from the DC realm but I get what they were going for. But I ended up getting Green Lantern with the description of: “You can guide your will through tough times! You can be arrogant and cocky, but your charm gets you through messy situations!”

Which Marvel Superhero are you? Playbuzz Quiz

Then, of course, I decided I might as well also do Playbuzz quiz for the Marvel universe. Unlike the DC quiz, this one was a lot shorter and only had Marvel references. And I got Hawkeye as my result. But there wasn’t really any description other than I care about America and Black Widow. I do like archery so I’m ok with that result. Would have loved Deadpool, but you know he’s not really a superhero… he’s more of an anti-hero.

Super Villains

DC and Marvel

Which Super Villain are you?

For this quiz, I got Venom from the Marvel universe which is the arch-nemesis of Spiderman.

Which Marvel Villain are you? BuzzFeed Quiz

Unlike the superhero quiz from BuzzFeed, this one didn’t have random questions. They made sense in a way. And I got Dark Phoenix as my super villain with the description of: “You’re not a bad person, but have a tendency to make truly disastrous decisions when you lose your temper. You are extremely passionate about enacting progressive change, but your methods are perhaps a bit too radical.” Which I can totally see.

Which DC Villain are you? Playbuzz Quiz

I got Gorilla Grod which had the description of: “Core member of the Injustice League. You want the world to know you are the king. You are smarter, stronger, and faster than everyone else in your mind. Only thing in your way in the Justice League.”

Who do you think you would be?


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