Swatches of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar SwatchJeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Swatch

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I’m spending the entire week minus Friday on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Pressed Pigment palette. I’ve never done an entire post dedicated to just swatches so I’m doing every type of swatch you can image in this post: brush, eye, finger, and perfect. The perfect one is more just for the display photos for this post, but we’re going to get into every shade and stain my lids to new levels from red lakes that’s in a bunch of the shadows. I tried to limit the number of swatches I did on my lids every day so they weren’t too bad, but I kind of liked doing this type of post though I know I’m not going to be a whole lot of this in the future as my lids were not happy with all of the eye swatches though they show off the shadows the best. Also before we get into the swatches, I did not clean off any fall out in the eye swatches so you can really see what happened when applying the shadows using an e.l.f. fluffy brush.

I did all of the swatches on the back of my hand, so my bones/veins did cause some shades to skip. Overall, they weren’t patchy or had any issues as far as swatches go.


Glucose is a stark matte white. It is a little on the powdery side but it builds well.

Glucose Swatch


Sugarcane is a powder pink matte. On me it’s transition color but it would also serve as highlight on tan to deep skin.

Sugarcane Swatch

Cake Mix

Cake Mix is a soft brown with orange undertones and a matte finish. It’s neutral enough to play nicely with every other color in the palette.

Cake Mix Swatch


Ouch is a camel brown with subtle yellow undertones.

Ouch Swatch


Donor is a golden bronze with a metallic finish. This shadow is included in a lot of palettes so you probably already have something like this in another palette.

Donor Swatch


Intravenous is a dark brown with red undertones.

Intravenous Swatch

Candy Floss

Candy Floss is a pale, pinky lilac with a metallic finish. On myself, I can use this shade as a highlighter and is the perfect inner corner highlight.

Candy Floss Swatch

Tongue Pop

Tongue Pop is a matte salmon pink.

Tongue Pop Swatch


Sweetener is a peachy gold with a pink and orange shift.

Sweetner Swatch


Cavity is a neon pink matte. It’s highly pigmented so less is definitely more.

Cavity Swatch

O Positive

O Positive looks gray in the pan but on the skin it’s more mauve.

O Positive Swatch

Root Canal

Root Canal is a bright purple with subtle red undertones.

Root Canal Swatch


Prick is a bright red-orange matte.

Prick Swatches

Cherry Soda

Cherry Soda is a pure red matte. It’s deeper and more muted than Prick.

Cherry Soda Swatches

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is the third matte red in this little trio. It’s a deeper, more berry toned red than the first two.

Fresh Meat Swatches

Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar is an ultra metallic, slightly coppery red. And the slight hint of copper makes it a little more wearable.

Blood Sugar Swatches


Extraction is a sister shade to Fresh Meat. They’re both matte berry tones. Extraction is deeper and also more purple.

Extraction Swatches


Coma is a deep matte eggplant and the darkest shade in the palette. I’m not sure if I just had too much makeup remover left over on my eye or my eyelid was just over swatches, but it wasn’t too happy about coma. You can see it’s a little patchy in places. But I have used this shade numerous times outside of the swatches to the point there is no more medical symbol and I have not noticed any patchy behavior from it. So I think I just failed at making sure the makeup remover was gone before swatching on my lids. I mean this was the eighteenth swatch after all.

Coma Swatches

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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