Things I’m Looking Forward to When This is All Over

It’s hard to imagine over a year ago that the world would be shut indoors for months, but that’s the reality of the situation at this time. Currently, where I live the Stay-At-Home Order (Quarantine) for COVID-19 is in place until May 17th at 11:59 PM. I’m curious if the order will extended again or if life outside will slowly get back to normal. There have been 11,799 confirmed cases at this time and the line doesn’t appear to be flattening. So, even if everything opens back up I don’t think I’m going to venture much outside quite yet. Since according to officials, Minnesota overall hasn’t been good about following the orders and I’d rather not take my chances. But I thought, I would just write about the things I’m looking forward to once things are safe again.

How I’m Handling Lock Down and Passing the Time

2020 has been long and we’re only three months in… it feels like a year has already happened since 2019. Right now the world is basically in lock down, to stop the spread of COVID-19… my state is just in a recommended self-isolation but there isn’t any strict enforcement of this. Though I’m a homebody, and used to think of myself as a bit of a hermit (or that I’d be fine with little to no contact). It’s hard not to feel off about the current situation. And honestly, I’m having a little bit of a tough time working out what my new normal is.