The Pop Culture Download #22: The Witcher, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & More

This week has been binge watching shows on Netflix and catching up on another on CW, but I’m going to hold all thoughts on that one until the season is over. So, let’s dive into what I ended up watching and finishing in the last week.

Style Inspiration: Demi Lovato

There are many people and icons that influence my wardrobe. So as a new series on my blog, every few Fridays during Fashion Fridays I will be dedicating a post to some celebrities and icons that inspired a lot of my style choices. To start off this series I have to take a look at Demi Lovato, who also is a huge inspiration and role model of mine. As a personal note, she became a role model for me after her 60 minute interview about her Bipolar Disorder because I was coming to terms with my own Bipolar Disorder at the same time.