Find Your Match: How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone

Sometimes finding a foundation that matches your skin is not an easy task at all. It’s important for you to get just the right shade so that it creates a proper canvas for the rest of your makeup and that it looks natural. Some of the factors you must consider when choosing the right foundation shade are undertones, skin type and skin tone. Here’s a little guide to help you in your search.

4 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Makeup

Is the big date approaching much faster than you anticipated? Take a deep breath, and get back to your checklist – a part of which is definitely hair and makeup. Every bride has an image in her head of exactly how she wants to look on her wedding day, but the look doesn’t just appear on your face all by itself – it takes meticulous planning and many trials, and here are the steps to get you there.

Lose Weight and Have Fun Exercising

Holidays are so much fun, as well as parties, movies, and hanging out on a beach. But sweating in the gym, doing pushups, and squats? Not really, if you ask us. Not only is working out difficult, but it’s also repetitive and terribly boring, and people have a hard time finding motivation to hit the gym and really hope that some of their fun activities could double as workout. Luckily, there is more to exercise than exhausting workouts and protein drinks, and if you choose to try some of these fun and exciting activities out, you will fall in love with them and lose weight quickly.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face

When you were younger you might’ve been thrilled to wear glasses. However, as you grew up you realized how unflattering they look. That’s when you probably switched to contacts, but contacts require far more attention and maintenance than glasses. Maybe it’s time you switched to glasses again and started wearing them proudly as an accessory rather than something you desperately need in order to see. To help you choose the right glasses, there’s useful research that pinpoints the most common face shapes among Aussies and there are some tips and you should consider.

How to Achieve and Maintain Perfect Skin After 40

There are certain milestones our body hits, that can really change the way we look and feel. The big 40 is one of those birthdays that doesn’t just feel big on paper. There are actually many ways our body needs a bit of extra care and attention in our forties and beyond. Of course, there’s no need for alarm, but awareness and a proactive attitude can make all the difference in the world. A few minor changes in our skincare routine can make us retain that youthful glow well after forty.

Look And Feel Great in One-Piece Swimsuit

There are many choices in fashion world and it’s the same with swimwear. In recent years, one-piece swimsuits have been all the rage. It’s no wonder though, because their creative designs and patterns as well as the flattering look these bodysuits provide for various body types, make this kind of swimwear absolutely perfect to express your uniqueness and individuality, and look stunning at the beach or pool.