One Brand Tutorial & First Impressions: e.l.f.

I’ve had a lot of e.l.f. products in my makeup collection for ages that I’ve never touched. So I wanted to see if any of it was actually good and donate the rest. So this is a mixture of first impressions and just a tutorial overall. Some products definitely made the cut while others are going off to new homes. I had to seriously cut down the video too as it was an hour worth of footage. So hope you all enjoy!

Steampunk Makeup Inspired by Glam & Gore

Last night it was actually storming in Minnesota and my hair/lips were giving me serious steampunk vibes. And not just steampunk in general, but an industrial steampunk FX look I saw Mykie from Glam & Gore do last month. Now I didn’t really have the materials or time to do the full FX look but I did have enough materials and time to do the glam version of the look using a pair of Psychonauts Goggles that I got in February’s Loot Gaming box.

E.L.F. Hello Hydration Skin Care Review

I can’t remember in what recent post I mentioned this in, I really wanted to create a skin care regime as I have not been following one. I used to do a face mask every now and then, or something other than a cleanser, but not a full routine. So when I was on Ulta at like 2:00 AM and came across this Hello Hydration skin care collection from E.L.F. I really wanted to try it. This collection is supposed to give you hydrated, glowing, and healthy looking skin. I do not have everything from the collection but I do have the following: Daily Cleanser, Illuminating Eye Cream, Daily Hydration Moisturizer, and Hydrating Bubble Mask.

E.L.F. First Impression on Quad-Powder Palettes

The other night I caved in and decided to order a bunch of E.LF. products. I didn’t have enough types of items to do a one brand tutorial, and I wasn’t really feeling a haul video/post so instead for a few of the products I’m doing individual posts on them. So for this post I’m going to share my thoughts on the quad-powder palettes. They are not actually called that. They’re just the bronzer, contour, and illuminating palettes. Each palette is only $6 which is a very nice price for these since you get four nice size pans and a quality mirror on the inside.

Pink for Spring Makeup Tutorial

I haven’t done a proper makeup tutorial for a while and I thought with the season changing to Spring, I would create one of my favorite looks for the season which is everything pink or taupe. I decided to try something different though which is a show and tell version of a makeup tutorial which I saw Zoella do on her YouTube Channel. And thought it would work better then forgetting to mention half the…