Fall Fashion Wishlist from Target

So fall is coming around the corner and we trade our tanks and shorts for beanies, scarfs, and sweaters. And while working downtown, I’ve taken a few lunch breaks to go to Target to get non-meat food items. So I’ve walked past the women’s fashion section multiple times and now have a rather good size wishlist of things that I want from Target. Now I’ve already gotten two things that I wanted to get off the wishlist which were two beanies that were each five dollars. One is a white knit beanie with a fuzzy puff on top and the other is the same style but in black. They do have this in other colors but I really want to find one that is burgundy and one that is a mustard yellow.

My Fall Bucket List

As the seasons have changed, there are new activities that pop up. And I have a list of things that I really want to do. From drinking hot cider to Halloween themed activities, there is a lot to do in the fall. I’ve limited this list to the things I’ll actually be able to achieve during this season. I don’t know if I will actually get to all of them but I really hope I do.

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

Highlights of my four day weekend including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and setting up our Christmas tree.