The Sims 4: Creating the Rest of the Polzine Family

Hello everyone! It’s Mae! I’m not feeling the greatest as I’m currently dealing with the most awful flu in the world. So to cheer myself up I decided to create the rest of my family in the Sims. That being my mom and my older sister. One of the most difficult things to do was to replicate their hair and clothing. As there weren’t that many choices of things I could honestly see them wearing. Now there was enough things to create a full set wardrobe for each of them but I’m sure each of them would comment that I’m off on something.

Life Lately | July 2016

Oh July has been a very interesting month. From being stressed out over my budget, to working and planning a lot of projects, walking everywhere for Pokémon Go, and making sure Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear get along.

A Letter to My Dad

I’ve been going back and forth on if I really wanted to write this for Father’s Day. And it’s not the type of letter one would typically write on Father’s Day as I currently don’t have a great relationship with my dad as he has basically abandoned me since I graduated high school when he chose alcohol over his family. So I’m not writing this to that dad as I do not consider him one anymore… that version of him is just the man who replaced my father. So I’m writing to the dad I remember growing up, the image I’ve frozen in my head that I choose to remember my father by. The one that I aspired to be and got excited whenever he got home from a business trip. The dad who just wanted to make his two daughters smile and have a better life then he had growing up.

Life Lately | December 2015

Hi everybody, Life has been interesting lately and I thought I would take a day break in Christmas/holiday/seasonal posts to talk about what’s been going on. I do hope that you have been enjoying blogmas. I think I may try to keep up the almost daily posts when it’s over as I’ve enjoyed it that much. If not, I’ll definitely be doing posts every Tuesday and Thursday.  Let me know what you guys think, as…