Vans Warped Tour: Meet & Greets

My roommate, Harley, and I love music and going to festivals. So we decided we would finally go to Vans Warped Tour together. I have never been before due to work or being out of state when it’s occurring. So this year I made sure I would be able to go. We decided that we would go to more of the meet & greets, photographs with the bands, and signings rather than going from stage to stage listening to music. Admittedly these were also my first meet and greets ever. I’ve been to plenty of concerts and festivals, but I’ve never met any of the artists or groups.

Basilica Block Party (Night Two)

I was so scared all weekend that I wouldn’t be able to go because I was feeling insanely ill. To the point where I had to call into both jobs. But I finally started feeling better and forced myself to leave my house so I could go to Basilica Block Party on the second night. Where I got to see Ron Pope, Matt Nathanson, Philip Philips and The Fray perform on the Great Clips stage in downtown Minneapolis.