Are You the One I’ve Been Looking for? Overview of the ColourPop x Disney Frozen II Anna and Elsa Shadow Palettes

ColourPop and Disney collaborated yet again for a Frozen II Collection, which included two 9-pan palettes named after each of the sisters: Anna and Elsa. Each palette costs $15, includes a mirror and comes in a cardboard packaging. I love Disney, and recently saw Frozen II (see The Pop Culture Download #18 for my thoughts on the movie). I’ve been listening to several of the songs on repeat since seeing the movie. So, even though I swore I wasn’t going to buy anymore palettes… I couldn’t stop myself. I had to get these.

The Pop Culture Download #18: Christmas in the Smokies & Frozen II

With the Thanksgiving holiday, I ended up spending time with my family and one of the things we do for traditions is watch movies. We ended up watching two different ones. The first being Christmas in the Smokies on Netflix and the second being Frozen II. I’m not going to share the plot or discuss either in great detail in case you haven’t seen them yet and want to.

Disney: Connecting the Movies – Frozen, Tangled, and Tarzan

In today’s installment of connecting the Disney movies together we’re going to focus more on Frozen, Tangled, and Tarzan. One of them is supported very heavily in the films while one is a fan theory that I don’t personally 100% agree with, but felt it was worth sharing considering even the co-director agrees with it.

Disney: Connecting the Movies – The Little Mermaid, Hercules, and Frozen

In the last installment of my Disney series we explored Easter Eggs and in this installment we’re going to connect The Little Mermaid to Hercules and Frozen. One of them is a definite connection while the other is more of a fan theory. Since there are is nothing in either movie that really calls to the other, but it’s easy to draw the connection between the two.