Thoughts on A Touch of Malice (Persephone Saga, Book 3) by Scarlett St. Clair

A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair, takes place a little while after the events of A Touch of Ruin. Persephone now has to deal with the aftermath of her mother’s reaction to her engagement to Hades. Not to mention she’s still figuring out her magic and herself. Not to mention consequences from things that happened in the previous book. According to the author’s guide, this is the last book from Persephone’s POV, the book that takes place after this will be a dual perspective between Hades and Persephone. I won’t share too many spoilers for the book, but I did want to share some thoughts.

Thoughts on A Game of Fate (Hades Saga, Book 1) by Scarlett St. Clair

A Game of Fate by Scarlett St. Clair is A Touch of Darkness from Hade’s POV. While the two books occur at the same time with many of the same scenes, there’s a lot of new things. Scenes are expanded upon or shown completely differently. As Hades picks up on things that Persephone doesn’t, and some additional ones that don’t make appearances at all in A Touch of Darkness. So even though they are essentially the same books, they are different enough where you could enjoy both. Plus, the plot regarding what they do apart is different. Which makes A Game of Fate a good read.

Thoughts on A Touch of Ruin (Persephone Saga, Book 2) by Scarlett St. Clair

After finishing A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair, I was curious where the rest of the series was going to go. For the most part, everything had been wrapped up. The only real thing that didn’t get reflected in the book from the mythology was Demeter declaring wore and Hades/Persephone becoming married. Granted, there were plenty of things to suggest marriage would happen. And Persephone did stand up to her mother. So, that’s where I figured A Touch of Ruin was headed. The fallout over Persephone not doing what her mother wanted. Not to mention Persephone and Hade’s relationship is now public after they made out in public before vanishing. I won’t share too many spoilers for the book, but I did want to share some thoughts.

Thoughts on A Touch of Darkness (Persephone Saga, Book 1) by Scarlett St. Clair

I have been fascinated by Greek mythology since I was in high school. One of the stories that intrigued me was the tale of Hades, the God of the Dead/Underworld, and Persephone, the Goddess of Spring. So, when I learned there was a modern retelling of their story by Scarlett St. Clair called A Touch of Darkness, I wanted to check it out.