I Can’t Help It I LOVE Disney | Overview of the ColourPop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection

When it comes to Disney, I can’t help myself I have to have it. I have seen almost every Disney movie at least five times. And can break out into any song at the sheer mention of a line. So, when ColourPop announced the Midnight Masquerade collection with Disney (their third collaboration) I wanted it in the worst way. My sister ended up surprising me by getting me the entire collection not just part of it as my Christmas present. Yes, several months early but you know what I’m in love!

Beauty Bakerie Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette Review

When Beauty Bakerie came to Ulta I was thrilled, mainly as I wanted to try more of their products. As I did love the formula of their foundation, but they just didn’t have a shade that was correct for me. They are all too dark or too warm tone for my skin, the lightest shade is straight up orange on me. When I originally was shopping on Beauty Bakerie’s site I did not see this Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette, but I did see it at Ulta so I picked it up in my last haul. And I was nervous at first since I’m extremely pale so two of the shades initially seemed like they would be too dark for me. But we’ll get into my opinion on each of the shades in a bit.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette Review

About a few weeks ago, I went to Ulta and purchased several things for Makeup Revolution including concealer and an eyeshadow palette so apparently I had qualified for their Strobe Lighting Highlighter Palette. Now I don’t know which shades specifically are in this palette nor the amount for it as I couldn’t find it anywhere online the information about this palette. But I wanted to share my thoughts on the formula as the Strobe Lighting Highlighters are sold separately for $6.00.

ColourPop This is For You Highlighter Palette Review

On one of my more recent ColourPop purchases they had a special where you could get a free highlighter palette or set of Ultra Glossy Lips. As I don’t like lip gloss, I ended up going with the This is For You Highlighter Palette. Now in the past I’ve tried the ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter, but not any of their pressed highlighters. So this is a bit of a first impression of their pressed formula. In this palette they have three of their favorite shades from their In-nude-endo and Gimme More palettes in a sleek travel friendly packaging for $15. Though as I mentioned I received this has a free product with one of my other orders.

Ofra Highlighter in Pillow Talk Review

Over the years, I’ve seen many YouTubers use Ofra highlighters and I always had it on my wishlist to try it if I found one in stores. And for some reason, I ranked it up there with luxury brands of something I’ll never be able to afford or try. Then I went Ulta the other week with my sister, and realized I was very wrong in assumption. I don’t know why I never looked up how much their products were, but it’s actually not the most expensive thing in the world. Now the first time we went, I tried out two shades but didn’t end up purchasing either though I kind of wish I did at the time. The next time I went, I got the shade Pillow Talk which CosmoByHaley mentions a lot in her videos.

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder Highlighter in Afterglow Review

I’ve been going through my makeup collection lately and most of the highlighters that I wear all of the time either expired, somehow are too dark for me now, or don’t give me that blinding highlight that I want these days. And after the Kat Von D statement over not wanting to vaccinate her kid (I’m going to do a Ten Minutes With Mae on that subject soon over on YouTube)… I needed a new go to highlighter. So while I was at Target the other day, picking up some replacement hair products I decided to also get the Milani Stobelight Instant Glow Powder in Afterglow for $10. As I’ve heard a few different YouTubers (mainly Tati) mention how great this one was.