Free Handing a Half-Sleeve With 2-Weeks Tattoos From InkBox

I’ve used InkBox before and did a review of it when I first started using this. I seriously love giving myself tattoos using this stuff since it lasts for weeks. I normally use the 10ml bottle and that lasts a long time! I have gone through one bottle after giving myself various half sleeves around seven times. This is my most recent half sleeve that I have given myself. And I seriously love it. I’m not sure if I would ever actually get a half sleeve anytime soon since I can’t afford to get any tattoos at the moment. But I love when I have half sleeves with InkBox. And generally they are roses or paw prints. So I think if I ever get one it’s going to be a combination of the two.

Giving Myself Temporary Tattoos with Inkbox

I love getting tattoos but they can be rather expensive depending on the designs. And all the ones I currently want are way outside of my budget so in the meantime I still want to represent those ideas especially the ones I don’t have finalized. So temporarily tattoos are perfect for that but a lot of companies don’t have free hand temporarily tattoos. But I finally found once thanks to Flesh Blush, a beauty channel on YouTube that was in the Top 6 for NYX Face Awards in 2015. Inkbox has an organic temporary tattoo that is both cruelty free and vegan. You can choose the design in one of two ways: pre-made or free hand.