Let’s Talk About… Series

This series is inspired by Poppy Deyes. It’s something that I really wanted to start doing, but didn’t know how I wanted to do it. This is basically for various topics that are rather chatty and personal, but at the same time meant to serve as inspirational in a way. So today I just wanted to have a chit-chat on the various series that I started doing last year and have continued onto today. I love doing series as I think they are a lot of fun to do and help give me ideas on what to write next. But I think for this new year, some things need to change a little.

Three Inspirational Books to Read this Summer on Kindle

If I’m reading a book, I hate when I go from one place to another and forget to bring the book with me. So using Kindle is my go-to way of reading books as I can pull it up on my surface, computer, or phone. This summer I’ve decided I am going to read a few inspirational books as well as all the other book series that I seriously need to finish reading. Self confidence is not always my strong point and these books look like they are really inspirational and motivating.