Rainbow Splatter Skull | Vanessa Davis & James Charles Inspired Makeup Look

I was really inspired by this look James Charles and Vanessa Davis did for the “launch” of the Morphe x James Charles mini palette. Which is basically the same palette just smaller. I got the original palette when it launched, moved and had to part ways with it due to size, then regretted that and my sister repurchased it for me as a moving in present (my sister comes up with a million reasons to get me makeup, I generally don’t ask her to but if I mention a palette looks cool and I can’t afford it, suddenly she surprises me with it. She’s the best, I love her to death). However, I recently got the Norvina Collection Volumes 1-3 and decided to use those instead to create my own version of this look.

Hogwart’s House Makeup Inspired Looks

To start off the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge on Instagram, I wanted to start with Harry Potter inspired looks based off each of the houses. Some of the looks are rather subdued for every day looks well others are over the top and dramatic. I love the Harry Potter series/world, and my roommate recently got me a set of bracelets that were Harry Potter inspired that gave me the idea to start with these looks.