The Pop Culture Download #1: The Mortal Instruments, Hogwarts Mystery, The Sims 4 Island Living, and More

This is going to be a new series here on the blog where I share what I’ve been enjoying the past week. From books I’ve been reading, new blogs I’ve discovered, music I’ve been listening to, or new YouTube channels that I have started watching… and more. I plan on doing these every Saturday.

The Truth About Eyeshadow Swatches

I talked about this topic over on my YouTube channel and I’ll put the video down below as I’m just going to do the highlights in this post so I’m not repeating myself. But today we’re discussing everything there is when it comes to swatches from finger to brush to that perfect Instagram swatch that brands and influencers share.

Makeup Trends From 2017 That Need to Go

There are always trends of the years and every year some of them don’t carry into the following year. A lot of these come from Instagram, which I’m sure they are more meant to be click bait or artist. But then all you see is everyone else starting to do it thinking that how you’re supposed to do everything. Half of these things don’t look good on anyone but if you enjoy any of these, don’t feel the need to stop. But how do you honestly make it work, I don’t understand.

Instagram Made Me Buy It

Now I’ve been loving watching these types of videos on YouTube and then after watching a Safiya Nygaard video of “I Bought the First 5 Things Instagram Recommended to Me,” I decided to do this myself. Now I did limit myself to a grand total of $100 and I did reach this with tax, so I got 4 items in total based off the sponsored posts that I got. Now a lot of these I had to skip as they were too much or were not cruelty free. And just because I’m buying things off of Instagram recommendations, doesn’t mean I’m going to just drop my ethics.

Let’s Talk About… 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram

Starting at the beginning of June, I am making it a goal of mine for 100 days to post something makeup related every single day. And since my theme on Instagram is having 3 similar posts in a row, I’m not sure if that means 3 images a day or I do 3 days of similar things. Like a makeup look 3 times then product close ups 3 times. Or a combination of both. I’m doing this challenge to further improve my photography skills as well as to get better overall with makeup. I’m planning on doing a lot of things I haven’t tried before like body painting and advant garde. Normally I use references but I’m in the mood to create something original.

Instagram Accounts That Deserve Love

I really love going on Instagram and recently I’ve deserved some new accounts that could seriously deserve more love. Their photographs are absolutely amazing!