Finally Got Myself New Furniture

Now before I begin this post, I want to state, I have not received any of these items in person yet. Some of them are not coming until the beginning to mid-August. So, the pictures are from Amazon and HOM Furniture where I got the pieces. But I’m really excited about this fact and since I’m blogging every day this month, I thought this was a great time to talk about it. Especially since this week’s theme seems to be “exploring new things.” And purchasing my own furniture would count as that. I don’t know if this theme will continue for the rest of the week, but might as well continue with it.

The Apartment Diaries: Clueless in the Common Area

There are some areas that I have no problems making it look put together and how I want it. And then there’s my common area (dining room, study, and living room) that I just am currently at a loss for how to finish the space. And mainly it’s just I feel like it’s really empty, which I know is not a problem it’s not something I’m not used to. I had maybe a foot of walking room before, so suddenly having space just feels off.

Dreaming of an Industrial/Rustic Living Room

One thing when I move in April that I’m going to try my hardest to save up for to achieve is creating an apartment that actually looks like something out of an HGTV show or magazine. I know I won’t be able to do it right away but I’m tried of having a “college” like place. And by that I mean a bunch of random things thrown together that looks more like a place I crash rather than a place I live in. So the first room I want to tackle in the new place is the living room as this will also double as my study most likely. So throughout the house I want to have a industrial yet rustic feel.

Let There Be Proper Light in Your Living Room

Today’s post is brought to you by Diana Smith.

When thinking about how to decorate their living room, most people focus on the furniture and colours, which is quite understandable. These elements are crucial for a great interior design, but they alone are definitely not enough if you want to achieve the best possible effect.

Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

Having a high-end living space has never been easier. Thanks to so many inspirations online and with the help of your own imagination and creativity, you can arrange your home to look stylish yet cosy. The living room is the place where the entire family gathers and socializes among themselves and friends, so it’s essential that you create a warm and inviting ambiance for everyone to enjoy. From the trendy colours through fashionable furniture and good lighting, your living room could look fabulous if you only choose all the features wisely and with attention to details.