Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3

For Christmas, I got Luigi’s Mansion 3 which I have been playing a fair amount of though I have not finished the game. Though I have played enough where I know the mechanics and have seen a playthrough on YouTube to know the rest of the story. Not that I’m going to spoil the game if you wanted to play it yourself. All I’m saying is, I know how it goes so I’m comfortable enough with giving my review of the game at this time.

The Pop Culture Download #19: Star Wars IX, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and More

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these Pop Culture Downloads, but I had just been re-watching my favorite Christmas movies leading up to the holidays and didn’t have much to share. But now I do! I also got Disney + for Christmas so I am so watching things on there, so look out for that content in the future in these Pop Culture Downloads. Anyways, onto my thoughts on some things that I discovered or watched recently.

Super Mario: Rosalina’s Parents

Rosalina is a character introduced in Super Mario Galaxy, and during the game you are shown her past through a storybook. She is the “mother” of the Lumas. Through the story we are also given details about her parents. Her father has a telescope that she would look at the stars with him on a hill near a castle and her mother has long blond hair that resembles that of Princess Peach. But she is separated from her family due to her being on a comet that only passes her home planet every century or so.