Makeup Trends From 2017 That Need to Go

There are always trends of the years and every year some of them don’t carry into the following year. A lot of these come from Instagram, which I’m sure they are more meant to be click bait or artist. But then all you see is everyone else starting to do it thinking that how you’re supposed to do everything. Half of these things don’t look good on anyone but if you enjoy any of these, don’t feel the need to stop. But how do you honestly make it work, I don’t understand.

Makeup Techniques – Strobing

There are a lot of beauty trends, and they don’t all last. And some for good reason. But I feel like strobing is one that is going to sticky around for a while. You may be wondering what strobing is… in short it is a technique that’s opposite of contouring. You focus on the high points of the face rather than the shadows. This can be accomplished using highlighting products on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead, middle of chin, and cupid’s bow. Leaving you with a dewy glow and no harsh shadows.