Too Much of a Good Thing? Thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Collection Vol. 1-3

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know I love collecting makeup. Certain brands in particular, one of those being Anastasia Beverly Hills. Now I don’t have everything they have ever released, but I do have almost every eyeshadow palette since Modern Renaissance. Within the last two months they have released a lot of eyeshadow palette, almost to the rate of ColourPop releases (which I have cut myself off from) and honestly after this set from ABH I’m cutting myself off as well from their palettes so I can actually enjoy the ones that I’ve purchased. There are two others I’m going to get (Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson) and Tati’s palette if it is cruelty free then no eyeshadow palette purchases for the next six months.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette Review & Swatches

Now one brand I have always wanted to try but never have is Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you’ve been reading my blog of awhile or even within the last month, you’ll know I’ve been finding dupes for their eyeshadow palettes. Though I still have the real ones on my wishlist. And well the dream to try the palettes has come true… I get to try my sister’s ABH palettes. She only got three of the palettes so I’m going to review each of these separately since she’s so nicely letting me try them. And depending on my opinion by the end of these reviews. I’m either going to actually get all of the palettes or some of them depending on my findings. I know a lot of people online have given some of the palettes raving reviews and others total flops (hint, hint Subculture). So for the first review we’re going to be dipping into the Norvina palette, which is the newest palette Anastasia Beverly Hills has come out with.